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Dolphinmedia was founded in 2010 as a software solutions company specializing in developments with an emphasis on the Internet world. Dolphin offers a variety of services: websites, landing pages, Rich Media, software development on demand, WEB game development and DolphinCloud development, a lead and data system.
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My name is Boaz, I work as a campaign manager in the company now media. As part of the campaigns we run, we started working last year with the Dolphin company following an introduction from a third party. Eliran is the contact person between us and Dolphin Completely satisfied with the cooperation, Eliran is a dedicated worker, always responsive and always happy to help and the work is done to the best of its ability. As a result of the joint work, we were able to bring real value to our strategic client in the form of CPL and CTR, improving metrics like we will be happy to continue and expand the cooperation in the future.


Dolphinsoft has developed a mobile application for us, for the early detection of skin cancer. The development process was professional and required flexibility on the part of the developer, in light of changes that arose along the way. At the end of the process we have a successful application for the first generation, which will continue to develop.

- Derma Compare

The relationship between Spotad and Dolphin has existed for several years, when there is close cooperation and Dolphin represents Spotad regarding our activities in Israel. Dolphin team members are responsible for the creation of rich media transitions that are displayed in the popular mobile applications in Israel and communication with the representatives of these applications and the representatives of the advertising agencies.

- Spotad

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Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, twitter and more.

Create the content your customers want
Our team of experts can create the content you need, content that will spark conversation about your products/services and give the emphasis they need
video and pictures
The world of social media is constantly changing, we will help you reach the customer in the right media - whether it's YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest
The right publication
You will use the world of social networks in order to focus on your customers and reach the desired segment of the population
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DolphinCloud enables a customer journey from the lead phase to sending a quote

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Swiftads is a system that allows the creation of interactive advertisements with overall simplicity. The system enables the submission of advertisements through the leading media in Israel.

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